Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Critiquing Nonprofits: How Ungrateful Are We?

So today, as I am sure some of you know, TOMS came out with the next product in their "One for One" line. If you don't know what I'm talking about, watch the video here.

A lot of my friends are critical thinkers, like I am. But I never would have excepted the reaction to the new TOMS campaign to be anything close to what it was. I had friends posting statuses on Facebook like "Wow. Eye Wear?", "The most overpriced sunglasses ever...", and a bunch of the like--and that super bummed me out.

You are not just paying for someone to get eye glasses, you are paying for a whole eye diagnoses, along with possible corrective steps including glasses and maybe even surgery. And who are you to critique an organization that has blessed so many peoples lives? If you think you can do what TOMS does better--then shut up and put up.

I think people critiquing this next step for TOMS the way they are truly speaks to the arrogance and ungratefulness of our generation. Only in America would you find people that can honestly NOT be stoked on an organization that helps others in such an apparent way. Yes, THERE ARE ALWAYS BETTER WAYS TO DO THINGS. But that is not the POINT here. The point is they ARE doing a REALLY REALLY GOOD THING and helping SO many people in need, and I think when we lose sight of that we only rat out how intelligent, and "above" it we think we are.

So people can go ahead and critique TOMS and continue fooling themselves into thinking that they could actually do better, but me, I am SO grateful that organizations like TOMS exist--helping people in need and also providing a super awesome product for the buyer.

And if you don't want to buy TOMS shoes or products anymore because a pair of yours eventually ripped (as do a lot of shoes with tons of active wear), you got a pair in the mail that had a snafoo (wrong size, a little hole, wrong style), or what have you (and God forbid that a nonprofit makes mistakes like ANY OTHER COMPANY and you CLEARLY forgot that you were REALLY buying the shoes to give a pair to a little kid half way across the world in need) quit bitching and go ahead and buy your sweatshop made Nike Air Jordans whatever the hell have you. I'm sure the white suits at Nike, Rebok, and all the other like sweatshop shoe companies are still really in need of your money to add to their billion dollar, self-centered empire.


  1. Chad, I really enjoyed reading this. I know when I first bought my TOMS they were not very popular yet, but I bought them because I believe in helping others. Now a company who has done everything through passion is taking the heat.
    We all need to remember that Compassion and helping others is truly what this life is about.

  2. Chad, I disagree/agree. I have ripped TOMS but I have worn them for years...that is understandable, but when I get a pair in the mail already ripped it is kind of a bummer when they are 60 bucks. Yes I love the idea of giving a child a pair too that's why I purchased TOMS in the first place (way before they became mainstream). The shoes are made in china...yea they say they get paid fair wage, but how do we know that? I watched the live stream of Blake talking about the prices on the eyewear...he said they are expensive for two reasons...to get the help for others but also for the company...they do take a lot of the profit themselves which includes the stores they sell them at (Nordstroms and other small boutiques). They state on their website that they are a for-profit organization. There are so many other companies out there that have already started eyewear projects but with prescriptions or kits to start companies that are non-profit...this helps people in third-world countries create their own profit as well as help their eyesight. I still do have a strong love and compassion for TOMS but I am just upset with the research I have found :(